Best Gaming Laptops 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

In the spirit of fair play, this article will not really focus on one specific model considered as the Best Gaming Laptop. Instead, this article will focus on what are the qualities needed to be considered as a laptop perfect for gaming.

When we talk about gaming laptops, most people would think that any laptop with a very fast processor is enough to be a candidate to be considered as an ideal for gaming. The truth of the matter is, an ultra fast processor is not the only pre-requisite to be considered a superb laptop for gamers.

When choosing a Gaming Laptop, Consider:


pics2In the computer world, there are plenty of definitions for computer console or system console. But generally, console is a term used to describe the connection between the monitor and the keyboard.

It is often described simply as the monitor. But for gaming, its definition is quite different. In computer games, gaming console is typically the method by which the gamer controls and interacts with the game.

The better the game console, the better the experience of the gamer will be.



pics3The computer’s graphic card is another important consideration when choosing a gaming laptop. In most cases, the best gaming Laptop is often determined by its graphic card or in some instances or video card.

Based on different consumer review sites, among the leading video cards today are AMD Radeon HD 8870M or Nvidia GeForce GTX 780M. These two are among the recently released graphic cards thus far.

Considering some other aspects

On top of the laptop’s graphic card or its gaming console, there are some other factors that must be considered before deciding which laptop to purchase. If you’re a lover of LAN parties, then portability is a major thing to consider. Choose lighter laptops and those with longer battery life.

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